NetWitness CloudSIEM

Introduction to NetWitness CloudSIEM

Provides the information about NetWitness CloudSIEM and its usage.

Network Connectivity and Data Transfer

Provides information about how customer-deployed Log Collectors or Virtual Log Collectors communicate encrypted with NetWitness and how various internal NetWitness services deployed in Azure are encrypted and communicate using trusted certificates.

Understand Maintenance and Administrative Services

Provides information on maintenance and administrative activities required by NetWitness Cloud SIEM product customers, such as upgrades and administration responsibilities.

Performance Considerations and Limitations

Provides information about how instances are allocated using cloud compute resources, storage, and data imported and exported in the customer environment.

Subscription Management and Options

Provides information about the amount of log data throughput ingested daily based on the subscription entitlement and provides information on various subscription options, such as Cloud SIEM renewals and expansion.