NetWitness Platform XDR enables you to visualize the health of the Cloud Link Service similar to other NetWitness Platform XDR services deployed in your environment. It helps you troubleshoot the problematic spikes, identify high resource usage, and gives a deep visibility into the source of problems before the service goes down.

Monitoring the health of the Cloud Link Service at all times enables you to keep track of the following parameters:

  • Status of all the Cloud Link Services in your deployment (offline and online).
  • For each Cloud Link Service, the sessions aggregation rate, sessions behind, and sessions collected.
  • Status of the uploads such as the count of sessions uploaded, the rate at which upload took place, and outstanding sessions to be uploaded.
  • CPU and memory usage of each service.


  • You must install the New Health and Wellness. For more information, see New Health and Wellness
  • You must ensure to download the Cloud Link Service dashboard from RSA Live and monitor the data transfer. For more information, see Advanced Configurations

The Cloud Link Service Dashboard provides key metrics as described in Cloud Link Overview dashboard visualizations.

To access the Cloud Link Overview Dashboard

  1. Log in to the NetWitness Platform XDR.

  2. Go to Admin > Health & Wellness.

  3. Click New Health & Wellness.

  4. Click Pivot to Dashboard.

    The Deployment Health Overview dashboard is displayed.

NOTE: To view dashboards, your browser must be configured to allow popups and redirects.

  1. Click Dash icon and then click Dashboard.

    The Dashboards dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the Cloud Link Overview Dashboard.

    You can look at the visualizations (charts, tables, and so on) to view current CPU and memory of Cloud Link Service, Sessions behind and Upload rate per Cloud Link Service, and so on.

  3. You can adjust the time range on the top right corner and also use the host filter to view the visualizations on each host.


    difference rate

    memory usage