Enable Multi-factor Authentication for your Account

NetWitness Detect AI offers Multi-factor authentication (MFA), using which you can configure an additional layer of credentials to secure your identity and manage access. If you enable MFA, then the administrative user will be prompted to additional identifications at the time of log in, such as verification code sent to the mobile number or mobile authentication application.

To Configure MFA

  1. Go to admin icon Admin > Account Settings > Multi-Factor Authentication. The Multi-Factor Authentication page is displayed.
  2. Select ON, OFF or OPTIONAL as per your requirement.

The following table provides information on the different MFA settings that NetWitness Platform on the cloud offers:

Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

MFA Setting Description
ON Select ON to activate MFA. A secret code will be sent to the registered email account of the new administrators. Administrators can log in to their account, and choose between the secret code or an authentication mobile application as their preferred authentication method.
OFF Select OFF to deactivate MFA. Administrators can log in to their account with their registered email ID and password.
OPTIONAL Select OPTIONAL if you want to let the administrators decide if they want to activate or deactivate MFA for their accounts.