What is RSA NetWitness Detect AI

RSA NetWitness Detect AI is an add-on to RSA NetWitness® Platform. The product is a SaaS service that analyzes RSA NetWitness Platform data and triggers alerts on potential threats and malicious activity. NetWitness Detect AI takes all the traditional functions of RSA NetWitness User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and provides them as a native SaaS application. As a cloud service, Detect AI has many additional benefits including operations from the RSA Operations team who manage the service for your organization which enables RSA to release new content and enhancements faster so security teams are better equipped to respond to threats.

RSA NetWitness Detect AI is an advanced analytics and machine learning solution that leverages unsupervised machine learning and empowers Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to discover, investigate, and monitor risky behaviors in their environment. All users in an organization can be analyzed for abnormal user activities using log and endpoint data already collected by your RSA NetWitness Platform.

For existing NetWitness Platform customers, NetWitness Detect AI enables analysts to:

  • Detect malicious and rogue users
  • Pinpoint high-risk behaviors
  • Discover attacks
  • Investigate emerging security threats
  • Identify potential attacker’s activity

NetWitness Detect AI resides on an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and each organization has its own VPC. If you have an on-premise NetWitness Platform deployment in your network, metadata will be uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

NetWitness Detect AI performs advanced analytics on the data to enable analysts to discover potentials threats. Analysts will begin to see alerts and behavior profiles of users directly in their existing RSA NetWitness Platform UI, and will be able to perform basic administration of the SaaS components from a dedicated SaaS UI. Detect AI Workflow

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