How to install Cloud Link Service

You can install the Cloud Link Service on the following host types:

  • Log Decoder
  • Log Hybrid
  • Endpoint Log Hybrid
  • Log Hybrid Retention

Perform the tasks in the sequence shown in the diagram.

Cloud Link Service Installation flow


  • Ensure that the NetWitness Platform and the host (Log Decoder) are on version 11.5.2 or later

Note: Data will be fetched from only the host (Example: Log Decoder) on which the Cloud Link Service is installed.

To install Cloud Link Service:

  1. Log in to the NetWitness Platform as an administrator and go to admin icon Admin > Hosts.

    The Hosts view is displayed.

  2. Select a host (Example: Log Decoder) and click install button.

    The Install Services dialog is displayed.

  3. Select the Cloud Link Service from the Category drop-down menu, and click Install. Cloud Link Service Installation

  4. Log in to the NetWitness Platform, and go to download icon Admin > Services to verify successful Cloud Link Service installation.

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