Where to locate the device ID for a specific Cloud Link Service

In case of multiple Cloud Link Service deployments, you will require the device ID if you want to delete or check the status of a specific Cloud Link Service. You need to open the Cloud Link Server host in the Services page and find the device ID in Explore view on the NetWitness Platform user interface.

To locate the device ID for a specific Cloud Link Service:

  1. Log in to the NetWitness Platform.

  2. Go to admin icon Admin > Services.

  3. In the Services list, search Cloud Link Server in the Filter field.

  4. Select the Cloud Link Server and click action button > View > Explore.

    The Explore view for the service is displayed. explore view

  5. On the left panel, click process. The service-id and other information are displayed on the right panel.

    The service-id value contains the complete 36-characters service ID of the Cloud Link Service. services The first 23-characters of the service-id is the device ID of that Cloud Link Service. For example, if the service-id of the Cloud Link Service is 80c8949e-0e4b-41ab-9ca7-d65bd95d2d17, the device ID is 80c8949e-0e4b-41ab-9ca7.

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